Developer Sikles Hydro Power Pvt.Ltd
Project Madkyu Khola Hydropower Project
District Kaski
Location of Project Site Todi and Parhche VDC
Water Source Madkyu Khola
Type of Scheme RoR
Access Road  36 Km upto Sikles Village, 12 Km from sikles village to power House and 4 Km power house to Head works site.
Installed Capacity 13000 kW
Gross head 1485 m
Design Discharge 3.71 m3/s
Catchment Area at Intake 71.3Km²
Head works Stone lined free flow weir 18m
Weir Crest Elevation EL 1738m
Under sluice length 3m
Intake Type Side Intake with coarse rack
Connecting Tunnel to pipe desander 95m and 2.0 diameter
Headrace Canal 1.45m
Desander Underground and Rectangular with single basin.
Penstock Pipe Exposed Steel Pipe
Length 660 m
Powerhouse Surface (30.6m *18.9m*10.7m)
Tailrace RCC Rectangular, 30.0m
Turbine Pelton, Horizontal axis, two
Transmission 26.35km, 132kV
Interconnection/Metering Point NEA 132 kV at Lekhnath Substation
Deemed Generation 58.945.33 GWh
Construction Started 2068 Kartik
COD/Commissioned date 30 Magh, 2074 Purposed
Rate per unit of Energy Rs 4 on wet season and Rs 7 for dry season for  9968 KW, and Rs 4.80 for wet season and Rs 8.40 for dry season for 3000 Kw.
Project Cost without IDC 1 Arba 48 Crore 99 Lakhs
Annual Revenue About 30 Crore 29 Lakhs 83 Thousand 535
Total Cost at Commissioning 2 Arba 17 Crore
Debt : Equity 70:30
Financed by Nepal Bank Limited as Lead Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Global Ime Bank Limited, Siddhartha Bank Limited, Agricultural Bank Limited, NIDC Development Bank Limited.