Developer Task Hydropower (p) Ltd
Development Region Western Development Region
District Kaski, Pokhara city
Water Source Pokhara Irrigation Scheme
Type of Scheme Irrigation Canal Drop (ROC)
Access Road to Head pond 3 km from Kandahar, pokhara
Discharge of Seti Canal 9.0 m 3/sec
Design Discharge Plant 4.55m3/sec
Intake Inlet gate to headpond near cross regulator
Location  2 kulomuhan, Banjhapatan
Forebay Headpond with spillway
Design WL at Forebay 978.2m
Spillway Canal Existing Irrigation Canal (807m)
Penstock Type Mild Steel (1.9m dia) welded buried pipe
Length of Penstock 732m
Powerhouse Compact PH with inclined machine layout
Tailrace Box Culvert with bypass system
Turbine 2 units Francis
Generator 624kVA, 2units Synch AC 0.4kV
Transformer One 0.4/11kV, 1275 kVA
Transmission 11kV, 5.3 km.
Interconnection Point NEA 132/11 kV, Khundahar Substion
Installed Capacity 979 kW
Gross Head 28.0 m
Deemed Energy 6.98 GWh
PPA date 08 Aswin 2063
Construction Started Falgun 2063
CoD Date 14 Falgun 2065
Cost of the Project with IDC 17 core
Loan/Equity Ratio 70:30
Financing Bank Rastriya Banijya Bank.